Terminal on Module

SatixFy’s Terminal on Module (ToM) is the most integrated and sophisticated satellite core module. ToM brings the fastest multi gigabits performance available today in an ultra-small-scale footprint and low power. It is designed from the ground up to help our customers shorten their design cycle and quickly deliver products to market. The Sx3099 based ToM can be used to design a wide variety of indoor and outdoor products integrating a satellite modem function. ToM is designed with a rich set of interfaces to the design of applications that directly interface to an external RF front-end or Electronically Steered Multibeam Array (ESMA).

The core of the ToM is a unique software-hardware hybrid ultra-wideband SDR MODEM ASIC – Sx3099, that addresses the growing HTS and LEO markets, capable of utilizing a single 1 GHz carrier, and fully compliant to the newest standards published by DVB (DVB-S2X and DVB-RCS2).



  • Compact design and small size
  • ¬†Highly integrated
  • Low power
  • Low cost
  • Multi Gigibits throughput
  • SDR to support flexible applications
  • Wide range of interfaces
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