Defense Connectivity

SatixFy: Empowering Defense Communication

The modern battlefield is a whirlwind of data – real-time intelligence, remote weapon control, and seamless collaboration hinge on constant, secure, and high-bandwidth communication. Troops on the move require reliable connections to fulfill these critical missions. However, traditional communication solutions often struggle to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of the dynamic and data-driven battlespace.

SatixFy’s advanced satellite communication technologies are designed to address these challenges head-on. By integrating SatixFy technology, defense forces gain a significant advantage in various applications, ensuring exceptional performance and reliable communication.

Diverse Applications, Unmatched Performance

Satcom Terminals

  • Aerial terminals for any size platform
  • Seamless integration with UAVs of various sizes and functionalities
  • Satcom on the Move
  • Dismounted small terminals

Digital Regenerative Payloads

  • Space satellites
  • Pseudo-satellites operating in the atmosphere

Unique Applications

  • Radar systems
  • Line-of-sight communication

SatixFy’s Defense-Ready Technology: Powering Uninterrupted Communication

SatixFy’s advanced communication solutions are powered by a suite of innovative technologies designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in the field. These core technologies include:

  • Electronically Steered Antenna Array: offers precise beam pointing control, enabling rapid target acquisition and seamless communication on the move.
  • Multi-beam: allows for simultaneous communication with multiple satellites, increasing network capacity and redundancy for reliable data links.
  • Instantaneous Wideband: ensuring compatibility with various military communication protocols and future data demands even at lowest elevation scan angles.
  • Beam Hopping: enables rapid switching of satellite beams, facilitating efficient spectral resources exploitation and efficient power use by focus services based on actual user demands.
  • Payload Onboard Processing: allow for real-time data processing and routing directly on the satellite, reducing latency and improving communication efficiency.
  • Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Modem ASIC: offers a compact, flexible, and high-performance solution for diverse defense communication needs and expected updates along the system lifecycle .


User Terminal Benefits: Resilient Terminals with Digital Multi-beam Technology

  • Mobile operation: operate seamlessly on the move
  • High resiliency: multi-satellite, multi-band and multi-orbit connectivity
  • Interference mitigation capabilities
  • Wideband support: securely transmit and receive high-bandwidth data (> 1 GHz)
  • Rapid deployment and establish communication links with fast acquisition and tracking
  • Flexible integration into various user platforms regardless of size or constraints
  • Future-proof design: software-defined for adaptability and future upgrades
  • Proven performance over GEO and LEO constellation

Space Payload Benefits: Digital Flexible Payload Technology

  • Broad bandwidth support – from mobile broadband to narrowband applications
  • Software-defined digital payload
  • Multi-beam & beam hopping functionalities
  • Regenerative on-board communication
  • Dynamic real-time resource allocation
  • High instantaneous bandwidth for secure waveforms
  • Interference mitigate capabilities
  • Multi-orbit compatibility with radiation tolerance
  • Compact design: miniaturized solution using ASIC technology for space-saving integration and low power operation