SatixFy’s In-Flight Connectivity Solution

SatixFy In-Flight-Connectivity (IFC) solutions bring to the market disruptive satellite communication technology and capabilities for a range of aerial platforms, from business jets to narrow and wide body aircrafts.

In today’s commercial aviation landscape, where global coverage remains incomplete, IFC is increasingly essential. Passengers expect seamless internet access, the same as they experience on the ground. With the increase in in-flight internet usage – driven by social media engagement and high-definition video streaming – traditional text messaging and email services no longer suffice.

While some airlines already offer complimentary IFC, many others are considering following suit, indicating a forthcoming surge in demand. As a result, aircraft antennas are required to support hundreds of simultaneous connections, with the combined speed for the entire aircraft reaching up to 1Gbps, all at a significantly reduced cost per megabyte.

Installation simplicity is a significant factor, as downtime costs can often outweigh the expense of the antenna itself. Consequently, the industry is gravitating towards low-profile flat panel antennas that prioritize reliability and ease of maintenance.

SatixFy software defined flat panel antenna solutions present the optimal blend of thin form factor, lightweight, scalable size, future-proof, multi satellite and multi-orbit operation, which are imperative to meet the evolving connectivity needs.

SatixFy’s first product available on the market is Onyx, primarily suitable for narrow-body and regional aircrafts, VVIP and government aircraft, and mid-size jets.