Revolutionary On-Board Processing Space Grade Chip

DVB-S2X/RCS2 Software Defined Radio chip for regenerative on-board processing and transparent satellite systems, based on proven SatixFy SDR technology. Suitable for all space-based missions and Satellite Gateway application.

Key Features

  • Future proof Software Defined Radio implementation
  • Transparent and Regenerative ASIC +
  • Enable independent user, gateway and inter-satellite links
  • DVB-S2X/RCS2 compliance with Beam-Hopping support
  • Multi-channel receive/transmit with flexible bandwidth allocation (2GHz processed Bandwidth, up to 16 DVB-S2X/RCS2 carriers)
  • SerDes interface compliant with JESD 204B/C for ADC/DAC/FPGA connectivity
  • Embedded multi-Gbps data switching/routing for LEO constellations and ISL links
  • Radiation hardened, compatible with LEO/MEO/GEO orbits
  • Powerful Quad Core ARM53 CPU, two fast DSP for Telecom (>10,400 DMIPs)
  • Densest performances per Watt, per Kilo for Ground and Space applications
  • Linux drivers API support
  • Scalable architecture connecting multiple Sx4000 together to fit any size payload


  • Space: On-Board-Computer, Payload TT&C, Telecom and EO processors
  • Ground Applications: DVB-S2X/RCS2 Satellite Gateway, VSAT modems

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