“SatixFy has been able to rapidly solve an issue that has remained one of the great challenges facing the satellite industry. There is now a concrete opportunity for the satellite industry to enjoy high-volume production and consequent low costs per unit for a variety of applications."
- Fabrizio de Paolis, Ground Segment Engineer, European Space Agency
“In a short space of time, SatixFy has become an important part of the UK space sector, creating high quality jobs in Farnborough and Manchester and developing world leading space technology.”
- Catherine Mealing-Jones, Director of Growth at the UK Space Agency
“We are delighted with the success that SatixFy have enjoyed since opening their UK operations. They are a ringing endorsement for the compelling offer the UK presents to innovative, ambitious companies seeking to grow and compete successfully in the booming global space market”
- Graham Stuart, Minister for Investment at the Department for International Trade in the UK government’s International Economic department
“Working with SatixFy enables us to provide our customers with the best-in-class SWaP and the most advanced satellite communication capabilities in the market today. The rich feature set that SatixFy supports is delivered in the smallest and most integrated chip in the market.”
- Kfir Benjamin, CEO of GetSat
"Our approach to delivering connectivity is through collaboration with world-class industry partners who share our vision of a truly connected world. We’re therefore delighted to partner with Satixfy. The ground-breaking Satixfy electronically steered array antenna technology will enable mobility customers such as airlines, train operators, and coach companies to leverage the power not only of the OneWeb LEO network, but also terrestrial 5G and legacy GEO satellite networks. A hybrid, multi-beam, multi constellation solution that ensures that passengers remain connected no matter where they are – be it mid-air, mid-ocean or in the most remote corners of the world.”
- Massimiliano Ladovaz, CTO at OneWeb

From chip to product

SatixFy has evolved over the years from designing its own ASICs into leading the way to market leadership by building complete products and systems based on our advanced technology.
Mobility, IoT & M2M
Satellite based Internet of Things applications are a growing market requirement. Large agricultural crops, seas and oceans, forests and deserts are some of the locations that are best covered by satellite communications. SatixFy provides a satellite IoT terminal based on own developed ASIC technology enabling worldwide mobility and connectivity.
Space Connectivity
The future high-speed communications eco-system is evolving to a multitude of aerial communications platforms: GEO, MEO, LEO and Drones that require a new generation of payloads. SatixFy is developing the technology that makes this a reality.
In-Flight Connectivity
SatixFy’s In-Flight-Connectivity (IFC) solutions bring to the market disruptive satellite communication technology and capabilities for various aerial platforms, from business jets to narrow and wide body platforms. These solutions present a blend of thin form factor, lightweight, scalable size, future-proof, multi-beam operation.

Digital Beam-Forming for Electronically Steered Antennas

SatixFy’s innovative Digital Beam-Forming (DBF) technology is the basis of the company’s Electronically Steered Multi-Beam Antenna Array (ESMA) product-line.

The technology comprising in house development of first of its kind unique chip sets (ASICs and RFICs) designed to meet variety of applications and services i.e. Connected Car, IoT, Broadband, Aviation, maritime and more… operating on GEO, LEO and MEO satellites, supporting multi-beam, MIMO architecture and polarization control as required.

Antenna Micro Test Range (AMTR)

Specifically designed for demonstrating Electronically Steered Antennas functionality. the AMTR gives partners and early adopter advantage by providing a means for developers to quickly analyze and measure the performance and capabilities of designed electronically steered antennas.

Beam Hopping Emulator

Beam Hopping increases satellite capacity in comparison to legacy (FSS) and HTS satellites. SatixFy’s products support beam hopping today. Our beam hopping emulator demonstrates initial modem feature development capability.

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