The Sx3099 is SatixFy newest modem chip intended to be used over LEO, MEO and GEO systems, with appropriate Doppler and fade profile performance. This chip is targeted for a wide range of applications like VSAT IDU and ODU, IoT/M2M applications, Aero modem and hub modulator/demodulator. It brings superior performance, a higher level of integration and low power consumption.

Sx3099 is designed to bring new functionality for LEO/MEO/GEO constellations, Aero terminals for In-Flight-Connectivity and as an upgrade to all existing and future customers. The Sx3099 is adding significant new features like higher bandwidth, 2 x 500MHz carriers (for LEO make-before-break support), 8 parallel receive channels for non-continues spectrum usage, low power mode (for IoT, Aero, and Connected car support). The Sx3099 includes four 12.5 Gbps SerDes lanes that can connect to any SatixFy ESMA antenna. The Sx3099 is designed to support terminals operating over both transparent payloads, also known as “Bent-Pipe” as well as On-Board Processing (OBP) Payload based systems.

On the forward link, it supports up to eight DVB-S2X channels (accumulating to 1 Gsps) including all S2X optional features. On the return link, it supports DVB-RCS2/DVB-S2X channels. The chip takes full advantage of Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) and supports a very wide variety of MODCOD options to optimize the efficient utilization of the Satellite link. A unique combination of hardware and software partitioning provides flexibility to support standard or proprietary communication protocols both for stationary and mobile terminals.

The Sx3099 fully supports the entire DVB-S2x standard including all Beam Hopping modes as defined in the 2019 revision Beam Hopping annex E. In addition to previously defined formats the chip includes all the new Super-Frame format types 5, 6 and 7 (“point and shoot” Beam Hopping). Sx3099 includes native support for DVB-RCS 400MHz transmission as well as complete Software Defined Radio (SDR) for any other waveform.

Based on Sx3099, customers can also find SatixFy’s ToM (Terminal on Module) that includes, additionally to the Sx3099 chip, up to 4GB LPDDR4, up to 1GB Flash, 64GB eMMC memory, Ethernet PHY, all relevant power rails, clocks, and interface connectors supporting all external interfaces including analog SerDes lines – all with a size not much bigger than a quarter coin.

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