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September 14, 2012

VSAT Potential Rises in Developing Markets

The mood of optimism continued on day two of Comsys’ VSAT 2012 conference. The morning was full of information about exciting new business plans as companies tried to target VSAT opportunities in developing markets. The morning kicked off with ex-Gilat exec, Yoel Gat talking about the plans for his new company, SatixFy, which aims to shake up the VSAT market by helping to usher in the era of a sub $200 VSAT, which it aims to launch at some point next year. Gat spoke about how the prices of VSATs have come down and could ultimately reach $100 by 2020. “In 1970, a VSAT cost $35,000. Everybody today knows the price for a VSAT is $300 to $350. Can we really get to $100 VSAT in 2020? I think it is definitely possible. We think $200 per VSAT could be a crucial price point to those who don’t subsidize the equipment. It will drive more capacity out of the satellites.”

Gat says the company wants to contribute lower cost terminals to the market and used his speech as a call to arms to the satellite industry point to work with them in developing this new cost VSAT. He added, “We are looking for satellite partners who would be interested in such a service. (We think) there is a room for a new ASIC in this market. It will drive costs down, and increase space segment efficiency. We want to be part of building new eco-systems for fascinating new consumer markets. We want change the game. We are looking to try and sell the chip to existing VSAT players, as well as get involved in the service business ourselves.”


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