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March 6, 2023

SatixFy: Talking Payloads

by Charlie Bloomfield


We at SatixFy are super excited about our payloads: complete high-performance package solutions that turn “new space” fantasies into reality. Just imagine: payloads that offer low SWaP, modular, production-ready designs, software-defined functionality and operations, and, above all, a superior vectors and value proposition!

We can actually deliver a bi-directional 15Gbps Ka/Ku band LEO payload with peak power requirements below 1kW, mass of less than 40 kg and a relatively low profile.

How is this possible? Through a combination of factors. First, we use innovative, in-house-developed ASICs, and this reduces the cost, complexity and risk of the final product. We start with our flagship SX4000, a 2GHz radiation-hardened modem (S2X/RCS2) with a high-speed SERDES (Serializer/Deserializer) that runs at 26Gbps. We pair this with our PRIME2 digital beamformer, which is capable of 128 beams and 8GHz of bandwidth, and that carries its own 26Gbps SERDES. To this – perhaps most importantly – we add our in-house-designed mixed-signal ADC/DAC, which is capable of direct RF conversion from L-Band to Ka-Band.

Add to this the “magic” created when you bring together a multi-disciplined payload dream-team, whose members each bring decades of experience in their areas of expertise, ranging from E2E satellite systems, advanced digital processing, active arrays and payload design, to qualification and production. Put this together with in-house-developed software and a lot of passion, and you get a winning solution and value proposition.

While SatixFy is a relative newcomer to the payload market, we’re proud of our record so far. For example, we delivered a CubeSat payload in just 5 months, and it’s still operational, 18 months later. And we’ve just delivered – and will launch in April – an advanced LEO payload packed with digital beamforming, beam hopping, regenerative processing, and in-orbit OTA re-programmability, all designed, procured, built, qualified, and shipped in 15 months.

Don’t need a complete payload solution? We can also offer high-performance components that you can integrate into your own payloads, from top-of-the-line ASICs and software all the way through to flexible on-board processors.

Cool, hey? Well, we think it is! And this is only the beginning.

Come and chat! We look forward to thinking through – and hopefully solving – your challenges together!



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