Wideband SDR Modem

SatixFy’s SCPC Modem (Single Channel Per Carrier) provides high throughput in a compact design. The SCPC Modem is based on the SX-3000 Software Defined Radio (SDR) ASIC, enabling wide verity of applications.

SCPC link or point-to-point connectivity allows the implementation of communication infrastructure to support high data throughputs. Our SCPC solution is based on 2-in-a-box configuration to allow 1:1 redundancy or the support of Make Before Break (MBB) for LEO applications.

The SCPC is suitable for a variety of satellite communication applications:

  • IP trunking & IP backhauling
  • Mobile, GSM/UMTS/LTE backhaul
  • Telco backhaul (STM over the air)
  • Military government communication (AES-256 TRANSEC)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Enterprise (broadcasters, corporate, ISP)
  • Mission Critical
  • Maritime, Aviation

The SatixFy SCPC Modem can operate in trunking mode (L2 Bridge) as well as a Layer 3 router and has GSE, MPE and Baseband Frame encapsulation options.

Extended dynamic range of 30 dB SNR supports various modulations from VLSNR (-10 dB) up to 256 APSK (+20 dB).

The SCPC supports a single carrier of 125 MHz both in the forward and return links (Point to Point).


  • GEO/LEO operation
  • Dual modem in a single enclosure
  • High performance 125 MHz Operation (FWD and RTN)
  • DVB-S2X fully compliant
  • Adaptive coding and modulation (ACM)
  • Very low SNR support (down to -10 dB)
  • Low power
  • Low cost
  • L2 operation (Bridge mode)
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