Prime 2.0 DBF ASIC


The Prime 2.0 Digital Beamformer ASIC delivers unparalleled SWaP efficiency for satellite multibeam electronically steerable antennas. It processes up to 8GHz beamformer bandwidth and generates up to 128 concurrent beams at any RF band up to Ka, and supports LEO/MEO/GEO orbits.

Prime 2.0 is a Multibeam direct-sampling Wideband Digital Beamformer ASIC device for flexible satellite antenna payloads at almost any scale. Prime 2.0 is designed to support a wide range of use cases, from small to very large antennas, and small to large beam bandwidths operating in FDD or TDD modems. Prime 2.0 features 32 RF ports used to drive circular or linear antenna elements.

The Prime 2.0 beamforming is achieved through both phase control and True-Time Delay, all executed in the digital domain, providing superior advantages over traditional analog beamforming.

Prime 2.0 devices can be connected to each other in a cascade, forming a scalable antenna design up to 23k antenna elements. The devices are connected through a high-speed serial interface (SERDES) and support redundancy for better resiliency.

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