Electronically Steered Multi Beam COTM Antenna


Amber is SatixFy’s Comms on the Move antenna made for land-mobile applications. It is designed to be installed on any ground-moving vehicle and can be operated using GEO\LEO\MEO satellites.

The antenna is a low profile, high resiliency Electronically Steered Antenna based terminal. Amber terminal can receive and transmit within different satellite beams, different satellites and different orbits.


+ Superior technology, based on digital beamforming TTD Electronically Steered Multibeam Antenna (ESMA).
+ Full mobility support for GEO and LEO on land and on aerial platforms.
+ Enables worldwide service using GEO/LEO orbits.
+ Highest resiliency achieved by multibeam support and high instantaneous BW for secure waveforms.
+ Digital processing techniques including tapering of an antenna pattern to meet regulatory. masks and nulling to mitigate interference.
+ Including up to 500 MHz DVB-S2X overlay capability.
+ Full duplex or half duplex operation.
+ Includes mobility sensors (i.e GNSS, IMU).