Satellite Payloads

The future high-speed communications eco-system is evolving to a layered architecture of service provision to terrestrial user devices from a multitude of aerial communications platforms: GEO, MEO, LEO and Drones. A new generation of payloads is required that can provide data throughput of many Gbps consuming relatively a very small amount of power and weighing significantly less than the traditional solutions. Here is where SatixFy steps in with its UAV and satellite payload technology.

SatixFy is developing Communication Payloads for Satellite and Pseudo-Satellite Service such as:

  • Broadband access
  • IoT
  • Backhauling
  • Mobility

SatixFy’s payload solutions are based on high efficiency Electronically Steered Multi-Beam Antenna technology. Our modular array can scale to support small to large arrays and one to many simultaneous data service beams per array. A single antenna can illuminate multiple simultaneous beams in the coverage area. Moreover, a payload may include several antenna arrays providing much higher communication capacity and much larger area coverage.

SatixFy is introducing a comprehensive solution combining Digital Beam-Former, RF SoCs, modem SoCs and Phased Array Antennas.


  • Low weight – critical for High Altitude Long Endurance, light weight platforms
  • Low power consumption
  • Electronic beam steering supporting platform’s dynamics
  • Beam hopping ready – utilize the payload power amplifiers to their utmost by lighting the required beams according to the traffic pattern and gain a better re-use of the available frequencies
  • High throughput (MultiGbps) – Large capacity, wide bandwidth per beam; Extreme high capacity using beam hopping frequency reuse
  • Communication on board processing providing real time data routing
  • FDD and TDD supporting DVB-S2X and many other waveforms
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    Communication Payloads for Satellite and Pseudo-Satellite Service