Communication Payloads

SatixFy’s Payload Solutions

The satellite industry is going through a digital revolution as evidenced by the introduction of multiple NGSO constellations and new flexible GEO systems. In this new environment, a software-defined approach to digital payload architectures is a must. Highly integrated ASIC-based solutions enable true scalability and functionality with reduced SWaP, long-term, economically viable benefits that support the endless race to reduced cost-per-bit.

SatixFy is leading this revolution with the introduction of a high-efficiency suite of solutions, including, communication onboard digital processors (OBP) and electronically steerable antenna arrays. SatixFy solution is based on its own developed modem and digital beamformer (DBF) ASICs along with a complementary software suite, which are the building blocks for any modern digital satellite or pseudo-satellite communications payload.

With its next-generation design approach available now, this suite of solutions accommodates today’s more demanding requirements regarding size, weight, power, capacity and cost, leading to CAPEX savings of over 30%.

  • Sx4000 ASIC chip for OBP

On-Board Processing ASIC chip

  • Prime 2.0 True Time Delay DBF ASIC for ESMA

TTD Digital Beamformer ASIC chip

  • ESMA Antenna module

Multibeam Electronically Steered Antenna arrays

  • Payload Services

SatixFy proposes optimal architecture tailor-made support, and design services together with the customer’s team based on our ASICs and complementary software suite.

  • Ground Feeder Link

SatixFy can also propose an NGSO multi-channel wideband feeder link modem subsystem as an optimal gateway solution for NGSO constellations.