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January 12, 2020

SatixFy Ships over 120,000 S-IDU Wideband DVB-S2X VSAT Modem

Fully Integrated VSAT Unit Used with HTS, SCPC and mobility applications

Rehovot, Israel – January 9, 2020: SatixFy, designers of next-generation satellite communication chips and systems, today announced it has shipped over 120,000 S-IDU Wideband DVB-S2X VSAT modems. Constructed to handle the changing needs of satellite-based communications including fixed and on the move applications, S-IDU terminals employ high capacity and efficient space segment utilization to enhance connections for HTS satellites, LEO satellites and drones.

S-IDUs ready for shipments

The S-IDU supports 125MHz bandwidth in the forward link and up to 125MHz in the return link. Up to 30 MHz carriers could be processed inside the DSPs in the unit and be completely Software Defined Radio. The S-IDU supports all DVB S2X standard features including all optional modes, such as VLSNR (Es/N0 of -10db), Annex M (time slicing), Annex E (superfrmases and beam hopping) and such.

Through an advanced production ability of its chosen facility, SatixFy has managed to maintain a mass production line for it’s S-IDU modem that provides up to 17,000 units, monthly.

SatixFy’s production line overview

S-IDU was shipped to multiple customers. Equally reliable for end-user enterprise and business uses, as well as for consumer satcom applications, S-IDU’s advanced features enable SatixFy’s customers to design complete solutions. As an industry-leading low power, low cost, compact and high-performance terminal, S-IDU is based on the SX-3000 ASIC, an in-house developed chips, meeting VSAT operators’ requirements for reliable, powerful and low power consuming modems.

“SatixFy’s has demonstrated its ability not only to design superior SDR modem chips, but also to manufacture them in mass production to multiple customers. This ability will be transferred to our multi-beam electronically steered antennas (ESMA) during 2020” said Yoel Gat SatixFy CEO.

SatixFy’s terminal provides a complete, integrated package. With a generic hardware platform and software platforms enabling VSAT providers to quickly and easily port their existing software stacks. The internal Dual core CPU enables host software to run IP switching and routing up to 300 Mbps.


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