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March 2, 2017

SatixFy Offers First Beam Hopping System and Emulator

Emulator allows satellite manufacturers, operators and equipment manufacturers to evaluate and demonstrate advantages of Beam Hopping systems

March 2, 2017 – Rehovot, Israel and Farnborough UK: SatixFy, a leading provider of baseband modem and antenna chips, products and solutions, is pleased to present an Emulator for Beam Hopping systems. The emulator supports customers with research, development and testing of various aspects of the beam hopping architecture and is based on SatixFy’s existing SX-3000 ASIC. Customers can use the emulator to demonstrate physical layer functionality over a wide band of parameters and exhibit beam hopping capabilities to end customers.

Yoel Gat, CEO of SatixFy, said, “There’s no question whether beam hopping will happen — the question is only when. In five to six years, many communication satellites launched will use beam hopping techniques. Beam hopping is the next evolution of HTS and UHTS. It’s going to increase overall satellite capacity, reduce unmet capacity demand and reduce satellite payload power consumption by up to a factor of 2. It also provides wide system flexibility such as on-the-fly dynamic capacity allocation. SatixFy is proud to be first in the market with terminals that support beam hopping. We make Beam Hopping happen”.

“With DVB-S2X, satellite operators are designing next-generation architectures with features like beam hopping that enable satellites to adjust their payloads based on real-time demand on the ground,” said Wayne Haubner, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Emerging Technologies, iDirect. “Our newly introduced iQ Series remote is built on the SatixFy ASIC chipset to provide our customers with investment protection as these new features come online.”

The Emulator will be publicly presented for the first time at the SATELLITE 2017 trade show on March 7-9, 2017, in Washington, DC.


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