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March 2, 2017

Advantech Wireless and SatixFy Announce Fully DVB-S2X Compliant C7700 VSAT Router

The new SatixFy SoC-based ASAT II™ System C7700 VSAT Router achieves the current highest efficiency of 256APSK, supporting DVB-S2X carriers of up to 125Mhz

Montreal, Canada & Rehovot, Israel – March 2, 2017: Advantech Wireless, a leading VSAT Systems vendor and SatixFy, a leading provider of Satellite and Quasi-Satellite communication chips and solutions, are pleased to announce the release of the new Advantech Wireless C7700 VSAT Router based on SatixFy’s SX-3000 SoC baseband chip. The C7700 as well as all Advantech Wireless VSAT Routers run on Linux, making it both standard compliant and open to software applications and advances available today and in the future through Linux.

The C7700 is part of the Advantech Wireless Compact VSAT Series, and is capable of operating at 500Mbps with a single DVB-S2X carrier of up to 125MHz and 256APSK LDPC coding and modulation. This pushes the bandwidth efficiency to the extreme in a compact VSAT router, getting closer to reaching the absolute maximum efficiency, the Shannon Capacity Limit. Such efficiencies and capacity, together with the support of DVB-S2X Time slicing (DVB-S2X Annex M) further the economics of VSAT systems over HTS and UHTS satellite broadband multiservice operations.

“Working with SatixFy has enabled us to provide our customers with the most advanced satellite communication capabilities existing in the market today,” said David Gelerman CEO of Advantech Wireless. “Our ASAT II™ System C7700 and C8000 VSAT Routers operate all the way from very low SNR of about -10dB through high SNR with 256APSK LDPC delivering almost 6 bit/Hz. This has enabled us to support wideband DVB-S2X signals of 125MHz with current version and 500MHz exceeding 1Gbps in the next phase.”

“SatixFy is committed to provide its customers with the latest standard solution,” said Yoel Gat, CEO of SatixFy.. “Our two-way ASIC supports DVB-S2X including the entire standard optional Annexes. This is extremely important for achieving much higher spectral efficiency operation and hence saving customers significant OPEX on bandwidth. Furthermore, SatixFy solution ensure customers that today’s deployed networks will be able to continue operating on new platforms such as on advanced beam hopping satellites, which already being supported with the SX3000, and other waveforms that might evolve with SX3000 Software Defined Radio architecture.”

Visit Advantech Wireless booth no. 1609 at Satellite 2017. March 7-9, 2017. Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington. D.C. Schedule a meeting with our executives:

About Advantech Wireless

Advantech Wireless supports the critical need for High Throughput Satellite communications in a rapidly expanding digital environment.  Our proven, low-cost, and highly reliable system solutions are meeting the ever-increasing need for high-bandwidth communications essential to military and government solutions, as well as cellular network providers, broadcasters, robust corporate networks, and security.  We integrate award-winning research and development engineering into our designs. The result: custom solutions with lowest overall capital and operating costs, together with an unparalleled commitment to lead the industry in materials, design and reliability.  Find out more about us at

About SatixFy

SatixFy is a leading provider of Satellite and Quasi-Satellite communication chips and solutions that deliver highest performance with radically reduced cost, size, weight and power. It also delivers advanced Payloads and Gateway equipment. The company targets very big markets such as unconnected people, IoT devices for private networks and rural areas as well as drone communications. SatixFy is at the forefront of designing the most advanced electronically steerable antennas, satellite payloads with on-board-processing and multi-beams, electronic beam hopping and indoor/outdoor VSATs systems.


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