Ku Band RFIC

The BEAT RFIC chip interfaces directly to the phased array antenna elements. The RFIC acts as the RF front-end module, interfacing between the antenna and the Prime. It is equivalent to a micro BUC and LNB unit.

The RFIC front-end chips fulfil the following functions:

  • Drives the transmit power to the antenna element. Targeting +10 dBm (P1dB) per antenna element.
  • Amplifies the received signal with a low noise amplifier.
  • Electronically control the polarization between RH and LH.
  • Down-converts and up-converts the signal to and from the IF frequencies used by the DBF Prime chip.
  • Control the polarization – V/H or LH/RH


High Level Block diagram of single transceiver:


Beat – Ku Band specifications:

  • RF transceiver containing 4x IQ TX upconverters and 4 x IQ RX downconverters
  • Supports Ku band frequencies:
    • TX: 14GHz – 14.5GHz
    • RX: 10.7 – 12.75GHz
  • TX RF BW=500MHz, RX RF BW =880 MHz
  • Supports automatic circular polarization control by embedding 0o/90o phase controllable phase shifters
  • Filters implemented in the IF and RF paths. The filters are required for anti-aliasing, noise rejection and enable concurrent operation of the Tx and Rx paths (Receive Reject filter, Transmit Reject Filter).
  • Supports external RF LO “daisy chaining” to multiple chipsets and internal distribution to 4 TX/RX chains
  • TX P1dB = 10dBm
  • LNA1 NF =2 dB