Antenna Micro Test Range


AMTR is a micro anechoic chamber for phased array development, suitable for Ku and Ka bands. The AMTR is a fully Ku operational system that can be used by design engineers straight away, without the need to book a timeslot for use and no need to set it up. The AMTR is a very useful design tool for antenna, SW and HW engineers for quick development, testing and characterisation. A control CLI user interface and Antenna GUI control interface is used to configure the AMTR setup, and can plot and extract all measurement data in various formats.


  • Full Ku band coverage 10.7 – 12.75GHz and 13.75 – 14.5 GHz.
  • Suitable for antenna size: 64 to 256 elements (Ku), and up to 512 elements (Ka).
  • Simultaneous Rx or Tx measurements.
  • Simulations radiation of the two polarizations.
  • Tracking emulation.
  • Single-axis polarization positioner + 45° to -90°
  • Single-axis azimuth positioner for AUT ±90°
  • 30dB dynamic range control of the transmitted and received signal.
  • 78cm free space range.

AMTR is suitable for the following radiation measurements:

  • beam width.
  • sidelobe levels.
  • cross-polarization.
  • beam steering (pointing error).

The AMTR is not intended for accurate antenna measurements, but it is an invaluable resource for the antenna designer to:

  • Develop and optimize calibration algorithms.
  • Optimize algorithms for cross – polarization improvement.
  • Design and optimize algorithms for beam steering.
  • Design and optimize algorithms for tapering.
  • Test the antenna performance under the modulated waveform.
  • Perform single cut Antenna Pattern measurements.
  • Perform cross – polarization measurements.


 AMTR Top-Level Block Diagram