SatixFy Technology Impact On HTS Ground Infrastructure

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The introduction of the SatixFy SX-3000 chip generates significant opportunities for HTS Satellite operators and service providers. The SX-3000 supports the DVB S2X standard including all optional modes and profiles. The SX-3000 supports single carrier wideband operation up to 500Msps rate when coupled with 5% roll-off can up to doubling the throughput of a wideband transponder (minimal back‑off required for single carrier). The time-slice operation (DVB S2X Annex M) enables multiple service providers working with multiple equipment providers on a single carrier enabling significant increase of capacity of satellite efficiency. The SX-3000 fully supports superframes (DVB S2X Annex E) that enable additional features and capabilities, among which is beam hopping and VLSNR operation. Using the SX-3000 provides forward compatibility with future Beam Hopping based satellites that maybe placed in the same orbital location.

Remote terminal based on SatixFy chips and IDUs prices is significantly reduced and will be reduced even further after introduction of our next generation chip.

HTS satellite operators and service providers enjoy reduced price VSAT, together with many state-of-the art technologies such as single wideband carrier transponder utilization, time slice hub platform with inter-operability between service providers and equipment providers over a single carrier and future compatibility with future Beam Hopping satellites through over‑the‑air software download.

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