SX-3000 SDR ASIC Evaluation and Development Package

StixFy’s SX-3000 is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) ASIC Platform. The SX-3000 enables wide programming capabilities and require a specific development infrastructure to develop Software. SatixFy provides comprehensive evaluation and development packages including support and training services. The evaluation package provides complete infrastructure to test all of the SDR ASIC’s functionality and demonstrate its performance. The SX-3000 contains multiple DSP processors to enable customizing functions on the signal (physical, L1) level. The internal HOST processor (embedded MIPS) enable L2 and above customization usually related to communication protocols (QoS, Acceleration), and system features (network access, billing).

SX-3000 Hardware Evaluation and Development Package

Package A: SatixFy’s SX-3000 evaluation package content:

  • 2 SatixFy L-band terminals with SX-3000 chips (acting as a modulator/demodulator link)
  • Manuals: SX-3000 SDR ASIC, Terminal (S-IDU), API
  • 50 hours of phone and email support



SX-3000 Software Evaluation and Development Package

Package B: The basic software development package providing ability to program the Chip DSPs and CPU (requires evaluation package A above):

  • CEVA development suite
  • MIPS development suite
  • SatixFy SX-3000 Software bundle (Object)
  • Linux BSP
  • Modem Driver
  • SW updates for 1 year for the tools and modem
  • Documentation
  • 100 hours of phone/email support

Package C: Source code software package, provides DSP source codes written and maintained by SatixFy.

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