Satellite Technologies for the Connected Car

SatixFy is at the forefront of driving innovation for the satellite based connected car market with its state of the art Electronically Steerable Antenna Array (ESAA) technology. We are creating an ecosystem for affordable and compact satellite car terminals offering global seamless coverage along with other capabilities in comparison to the cellular network. Based on the SX-3000 SDR ASIC VSAT modem, SatixFy is enabling a disruptive technology in the automotive sector.


SatixFy’s Connected Car Capabilities & Benefits

Illustration of a flat satellite car terminal & the innovative technologies it encapsulates to enable entertainment & productivity on the move.

Global Coverage

GEO satellites operate at a very high altitude. Just three satellites can cover the entire earth providing ubiquitous coverage in rural & urban areas while on roads, rails, sea or air.

Car TV & Internet

Whilst the driverless car cruises autonomously, enjoy the HD – 4k TV shows offered by high throughput satellites, wirelessly surf the internet or chat away without having dropped calls.

Reliable File Broadcast

Even without line-of-sight, our blockage prevention mechanism provides reliable over the air broadcast for car software updates, maps download & vehicle diagnostics.

No roaming required

Low cost, hassle free connectivity is provided across borders as satellite operators offer affordable & uniform costs as opposed to expensive roaming on the cellular network.

Improved Security

Satellite’s offer a global, private, secure network providing car manufacturers with content distribution channels that reduces hacking attempts considerably compared to cellular networks.

Emergency services

The worst car accidents are in remote areas where there is no phone reception. Satellite connected cars will vitally enable the roll out of emergency services such as E call in Europe.

Disaster Resilience

Communications become crucial during natural disasters. The unaffected satellites continue to offer a reliable connection whilst the mobile networks are destroyed.

Autonomous Car & M2M

The autonomous car on the road will leverage satellite applications just like unmanned aircraft in the air (UAV). Low data bursts will relay safety parameters & track cars seamlessly around the globe.

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SatixFy’s Connected Car Technologies

Electronically Steerable Antenna

With SatixFy’s patent pending true digital beamforming algorithms, the phase of multiple antenna elements is digitally combined, enabling phased array antenna’s in flat aesthetic aerodynamic form factors.

Blockage Prevention Mechanism

Whilst driving through tunnels or high rise buildings, Satixfy’s innovative prevention models utilize special error codes and long interleaving to provide uninterrupted reception.

Integrated Modem SDR (Software Defined Radio) ASICs

Our SDR ASICs solutions including the SX3000 are highly integrated & versatile within the industry implementing advance features such as software defined modems, multi beam & satellite tracking on the move.

Terrestrial Augmentation

A test campaign using 3D maps and ray-tracing software in the USA revealed that the performance will be enhanced by augmenting the satellite link with a terrestrial repeater network.

Connected Car Performance & Economics

The satellite industry is projecting phenomenal growth with different types of platforms being launched by 2020 that will enable the connected car industry. The below table portrays some of the key performance attributes and economies




 Available  $100M  $5M


 Worldwide  Worldwide  100 Km diameter

Data rate Basic (RTL/FWL – bps)

  10K / 150K  1M / 10M  1M / 10M

Data rate Advanced (RTL/FWL – bps)

 100K / 1M  10M / 100M

10M / 100M

Available capacity

 Up To 1 Tbps  1Gbps per sat

10(B) / 100(A) Gbps

Latency 500ms  33ms



Connected Car Terminals

Basic terminal

  • For emergency services, software updates & messaging, Satellite Radio
  • 64 antenna elements
  • Ku band design
  • Compact size “15cm X 15cm”
  • DC Power: 60-70W
  • Conforms to full outdoor environmental standards

Advanced terminal

  • Satellite TV, radio & multimedia applications, on top of emergency, software and messanging
  • 1024 antenna elements
  • Ku band design
  • Compact size: 30cm X 30cm
  • DC Power: 200-220W
  • Conforms to full outdoor environmental standards

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